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Most senior writers have considered writing their life story at one time or another, so I've created Scribbler's Guild Academy for (ahem) “more mature” writers, those who are embarking on a second life career (or perhaps just a hobby) after retirement, and who are thinking about writing an autobiography or memoir.

Scribbler's Guild Academy can can be a source of inspiration, information and inclination when your muse deserts you and you don’t know where to start or what to do next.

Some of the courses and information cover psychological issues like writer's block and procrastination which prevent us from finishing (or even starting) our memoirs.

Much of the information here will be aimed at creating compelling stories and riveting narratives based on your own personal history.  Since the principles of good storytelling apply in this genre as much as they do in writing fiction, non-fiction and even how-to manuals, the focus is on how to use these principles while staying true to the events that make up your own life stories.

Writer's block?  Check out "Get Your Memoir UnStuck".

Overwhelmed and unsure?  Check out "Overcoming Overwhelm and Procrastination".

Not sure how to put a story together?  "Mapping Your Memoirs" is coming soon, a course using visuals, maps and graphics to help you uncover lost memories, organize your research materials, gain skills in creative writing and discover some of the psychological blocks which may have prevented you from writing your own story.

I'm delighted that you're here, because I don't want you to leave your story unwritten.

Available Courses

Get Your Memoir UnStuck

This course will help you identify why you're stuck writing your memoirs and how to fix them.  It will help you understand your procrastination, where it's coming from and how to overcome it.

Get Your Memoir UnStuck will show you:

  • What Resistance is and how it manifests
  • What questions to ask yourself to discover where your Resistance lies
  • How to break through Procrastination and actually start writing.
  • How to use Constraints to spark your creativity and get you into action
  • How to set up your own writing rituals

Writing isn't hard.  Starting is hard.  This course will show you how to start. 

Find your voice. Don't die with your story unwritten.

Overcoming Overwhelm and Procrastination

Baffled, bewildered, overwhelmed? Avoiding the tasks you know you must do?

You lack clarity.  Clarity about what's important, versus what's urgent.

This course will show you how to prioritize all the tasks in your life so you can finish your projects and reach your goals, but you must do the work.

If you're looking for a quick fix, this is not for you.  

But if you're willing to put in the time and effort, this course will help you begin building a habit of consistent planning, giving you clarity, confidence and inspiration. 

You'll gain a powerful skill that can help you establish a lifelong habit of vision and purpose, and a repeatable series of steps that will unravel every thread of any big project.

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