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Get Your Memoir UnStuck

So, you've always wanted to write your memoirs, but you haven't a clue how or where to start.  Maybe your family wants you to write down the stories you've told around the dinner table, but the idea of committing them to paper is daunting.  What if you mess it up, or years ago, a teacher told you that you'd never be a writer?  What if you offend someone or leave out something important?  Besides, why would anyone want to read about your life anyway?

These are some of the questions we've all asked ourselves when we think about writing our personal history.  This course can help you answer some of those questions and alleviate the fear that's kept you stuck for so long.

We'll cover some of the psychological issues that prevent us from not only writing our memoirs, but also from tackling any large project.  We'll look at where your procrastination's kicking in and stopping you from even trying, and you'll discover ways to overcome it.

Writing isn't hard.  Starting is hard.  This course will show you how to start. 

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